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  • How recent is “recently”?

    If you deactivate plugins you can access them some time under the “Recently active” link in the plugin list table. “Recently” is not a very specific statement. So how long are deactivated plugins assumed to be “recent”?

  • WordPress Dropins

    Plugins are pretty popular, since it is easy to adjust your blog or website to your liking with Plugins. Less popular are Dropins. WordPress alows to replace some functions with Dropins. The list of possibilities isn’t big and not well documented. But I like to use Dropins to enhance the possibilties of caching, especially APC…

  • How to disable auto-embeds (oEmbed) in WordPress 3.5

    WordPress 3.5 will remove some options from the UI. One of these options is the Embeds section. To disable the oEmbed feature you can use a specific filter.

  • How to enqueue the bundled jQuery in footer – The Right Way

    WordPress comes with many bundles JavaScript libraries which can be enqueued in header or footer. This article shows a clean and nice way to register the bundled jQuery for the footer to speed up the page rendering.

  • XML-RPC enabled by default in WordPress 3.5

    The XML-RPC service was disabled by default for a long time because it was considered a security hole (e.g. comment and trackback spam). This setting will change with version 3.5.

  • Change content of WordPress Editor Buttons

    Not every user likes the default settings how some buttons are displayed on the WordPress editor. As of right now, there is no possibility to adjust it directly via a filter. The following source code describes a solution to change the link buttons and their content to easily set links with custom values. The small…