List Posts by Category In Navigation

WordPress is primarily a blog platform. Not infrequently it is used as a CMS. But not just static pages play a role, but also posts, because they are giving more opportunities, having better performance and be published in feeds. Therefore, I prefer to use, in the context of WP as a CMS, posts more than the static pages. From time to time are the wishes of a navigation layout very extra odinary. And so was it in my recent project, the requirement to list the posts from each category in the navigation.
This is unusual as in the long run, you will have many posts, and the navigation will be very confusing - still, in this project it made sense, since we won't have many posts.

The small function lists the category and below the posts. There is a parameter that restricts the output of the posts, so that in extreme cases, not too many will be listed, only the last posts - $mylimit. The value -1 for this parameter provides all posts. The function itself belongs to the functions.php of the theme or in a Plugin. An exemplary use can be found below the function.
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WordPress 3.0 Menu Update

The new menus WordPress 3.0 just got an update, provided by Ptah Dunbar. Thanks Ptah, cool work! I checked out the new version. But first a screenshot of the backend:

WordPress 3.0 Menu Option Page

As you can see, you can build your menu from modules. Right now these are pages, posts, custom links, categories, tags and media. You can sort the entries in your menu via drag & drop. Here an edit menu item screenshot:

Wordpress 3.0 edit menu item screenshot

CeBIT, Busy Times And Thanks To Our Supporters!

Hey folks!

It's been quite busy lately in our daily life. Many projects, family and so on, but no worries, new interesting tutorials, news and tips are already in the pipe! Additionally Frank and I were at the CeBIT last week to meet old friends and built new contacts. Frank, second left on the photo, was there to work at the WordPress-Deutschland booth and help to show how powerful WordPress and BuddyPress is. It was pretty cool to see many WordPress interested people, some were Experts and others didn't know anything at all about WordPress. It was a big unknown for them, but they were amazed about the features, possibilities, userfriendly administration and of course - the price. If you work with WordPress quite a long time and you have other WordPress experts around you, it doesn't happen very often to introduce WordPress to completely novices 20 times a day, who didn't have a no clue what they can expect. It was fun to see their dropping jaw and their big surprising eyes. They were hooked immediately! 🙂

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New Screenshots Of WordPress 3.0

Unfortunately we don't have time right now to write new posts, but at least we want you to show some new screenshots of WordPress 3.0.

WordPress 3.0 Background settings

WordPress background settings

Now you have the option to set positon, repeat and attachment.

WordPress 3.0 Header Image

WordPress 3.0 Header Image8 header images are available in the new theme TwentyTen.

WordPress 3.0 Menu Settings

WordPress 3.0 Menu Screenshot