Category: WordPress Plugins

  • debugConsole with WordPress

    For debugging inside of WordPress there are different approaches and preferences. I like xDebug and in some cases I use FirePHP. Now there is another possibility which I had to test at least once – debugConsole – I like it. The debugConsole is a tool for debugging and tracing PHP5 applications on productive servers without […]

  • How To List All Posts Of An Archive, A Category Or A Search Result

    Archive pages are usually paged according to your settings in options/reading. Sometimes you may want to offer a page with all posts for an archive (time, category, search result). You need: a separate address for the unpaged archive, a filter for the internal WordPress query and a link to your β€˜all posts’ page. We put […]

  • WordPress Plugin Development: Style Your Message Boxes

    Displaying a message to the user after he started an action belongs to a good usability. In the era of Web 2.0 applications, the user is expecting such optical signal after his actions. Also WordPress Plugin developer should give the user a result message, if necessary, provided with further information. The WordPress admin area often […]

  • Example How To Add Meta Boxes To Edit Area

    Additional fields, meta boxes, in the edit area of WordPress often are useful and easier for customers instead of using Custom Fields. A small Plugin will show you three options. Use it, make WordPress even better for your clients. Learn how easy it is to adjust the edit area in WordPress.

  • WordPress: Useful Default Configuration Settings Via Plugin

    Everybody who installs WordPress quite often knows the problem: You always have to do the same adjustments, for example deleting the Hello World post. That cost time and money. Our friend Thomas Scholz alias toscho had a simple but genius idea, he puts all needed option settings in a Plugin. Just activate the Plugin, deactivate […]

  • 24th Door – The WPE Quit Smoking Widget

    For the last door in our Advent Calendar I had something special in mind. This year is coming to an end and I’m sure some of our readers want to quit smoking next year. To support their goal, I created a WP Engineer Quit Smoking Widget. πŸ˜‰