Category: WordPress Hacks

  • Create Your Own WordPress Login Design

    WordPress 2.7 has been released these days and comes with some updates to the backend design. I think most of you already know that there is a new login-section. The design is now equal to the new backend’s and the team did only little changes. From my point of view this is very important to […]

  • Top Level Menu In WordPress 2.7

    I explained in one of my previous posts how to add a nice icon to your Plugin in the backend are of WordPress 2.7. Some of my readers on my German blog asked how to add an icon to menus in the top level. I thought there are more readers interested to know about it, […]

  • Easy Way For Advertisement In WordPress

    Since version 2.5 WordPress introduced the shortcode API, more detail about it in our article „WordPress Shortcode API“. Recently I had a task which is surely common, but with the help of shortcode API and custom fields very easy to solve. I had to include some advertisements (in german: Werbung) into some articles. In each […]

  • List All Users in WordPress

    The possibility in WordPress to display all users is not available in a standard installation. To get a simple list of all users, you can use following function. To display just specific user groups or users, there are many template tags available to do so, go to WordPress-Codex – Author Tags.

  • Publish The Feed Later

    Some of you know this problem already, you publish a post and while you are publishing you notice an error. That’s very annoying, the error is in your feed an published to the whole world. That happened quite often to me, my fellow readers a writing comments so fast, right after publishing, to tell me […]

  • Quick Tipps For WordPress Query

    The loop of WordPress is a powerful tool. Most users just use the standard loop. But you can adjust and use loops very good for your requirements. I showed an example in my last post for feeds. I will show some other examples, which are barely used, but often asked by users, in this post. […]