Back On Track!

Some of you might notice that we had heavy problems with our website and our provider last week because of too much traffic. Finally we pulled the plug and acquired our own server to serve our readers with a better performance of our website and without having any downtime. Please let us know if anything is not working after the transfer to the new server.

Sorry to all our readers and advertising partner for any inconvenience and we hope we won't have any problems like this in the future. So we will have more time to write more in depth tutorials, hacks or tricks about WordPress! 🙂

Thanks a lot!

Control WordPress Content via Userrights or Time

WordPress comes with its own user administration, therefore we can control on the basis of various roles and objects the content. In some cases, it is a typical request that you give access to a complete content only to registered users. The same is possible only for parts of the content. There are certainly different possibilities to do this - I'm going to mention some solutions here.
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Understand WordPress Child Theme

With version 3.0 of WordPress, the much anticipated feature of Child Themes was integrated or some might say it was improved, since it was actually possible to use it. I like to show you an example based on the new default Theme TwentyTen how you use it. Another example can be found in my WP Basis-Theme (SVN); currently not HTML 5 version.

The function of the Child Themes can be applied basically in every theme and the new features facilitate access and creation of a Child Themes. Before there were also possibilities to change a Theme without changing the actual files of the theme. With the support of Child Themes this is now completely independent and we can use a theme that can be updated without a problem, and you can still realize your own ideas.

Other blogs already mentioned Child Themes but I've found so far only posts where they just talking about the activation and modification of the style sheet. Therefore, I would like to comment this subject only briefly, which is quite simple and then show the different possibilities in terms of template files.
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