WordPress Basis Theme – Also In HTML5

Since I deal with WordPress (version 0.71), I have my own theme layout created, which I always use to start with a new theme - WP Basis.
I published this theme under GPL since then and it is quite popular. I have continued the development on the theme and it has grown with every version of WordPress up to 2.8.2. To better handle these changes, I put the theme in the SVN of Google Code and were able to profit of the cooperation of Andreas and Dominik - many thanks to them!

The theme is also backward compatible, tested up to version 1.5 of WordPress.

Download the theme here

FYI, the theme is not a Framework, it is a simple theme, which contains the foundation of a theme only and also a variety of little features from my experience with WordPress. It really means that you have a theme for your clients or yourself created, adapted to the requirements. It doesn't contain any unnecessary markup, as you have with most Frameworks. It will remain as it is now, no Child-Themes or something similar, no hooks for comfortable implementing of code. I like this kind of work, lean and fast, direct to the point. That's why I'm not a big fan of Frameworks in WordPress, but that does not mean that other developers should do the same!

If you like this kind of work and you always write your own theme, then Basis Theme might be something for you. By the management in the SVN you are also have the opportunity to report errors and issues. It would be great if you could help to make this theme even better.

The future

I began to build the Basic Theme in HTML5, so that WordPress can work with it. I also added an example stylesheet, so there is a design available.

In addition, there is a small stylesheet, which displays the new fields and their tags, a good start in HTML5 to have it more visual. The stylesheet is not included in the code but can be added via the web developer toolbar. You can find the stylesheet in the structure under layout/html5areas/html5areas.css. A post with this stylesheet looks like that:


Several parts are currently only in Opera > 9.5 visible. These include all the contents of the comment form.


Work with ...

As a reference I use the summary of w3c and the blog about HTML5. Unfortunately, validating is not so easy, because I don't know any validator which can validate locally. If you know one, please let me know. For IE, I added a script, which teaches IE to deal with various elements.

Why all this?

It would be great if one or another can look at it, maybe people who have a profound knowledge of HTML5. Feedback would be great and perhaps one or other might expand the theme with specific tags or elements.

How do I get it?

There is no download link and as of now there are only a few guidelines but it should become the same as WP Base Theme. To become acquainted with the theme or just look over it, you can check it out in the repository. There you are able to comment and discuss.

The folder with all contents can be found in trunk/basis-html5 of the SVN.

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WordPress Updates via FTP on Windows XAMPP installations

Sometimes I have the need to simulate an ordinary hoster environment that behaves the same way as a real one would do. This also includes the automatic update behavior WordPress shows for Core, Plugins or Themes. In most cases this is useful for testing purpose but also to create tutorial screencasts like "How to use WordPress."
But if you ever tried Windows XAMPP installations, you may know, that you are not able to show the FTP update mask like your hosting would do.

That's why I was searching a solution and was ending up with writing a new Plugin for internal testing purpose.
It extends the "Dashboard" -> "Settings" -> "General Settings" with following option:

If you enable this option, your local Windows based installation of XAMPP (WordPress) will ask you now at every update with the well known FTP update mask about your credentials. But it's not done by enabling this option, you will need at least a well configured FileZilla FTP Server doing the required work for you too.
Once you have configured a user, his/her home dir and access rights, WordPress will update from now on all affected components as expected but now using FTP.

The Plugin has been tested only a few days, so we are still at QA phase, but we would share this, if there is any demand for it.
Please let us know, if you are interested in. If we get a significant amount of requests, we (or especially I) will publish it on my blog Code Styling Project. This would include also a complete description, how to configure the FileZilla Server based on a simple example.

This is my first article at WP Engineer as new member. It may be a bit technical but my main work is normally developing solutions. I hope, it's interesting for you nevertheless.

Warning Message For Self Customized Plugins

Now and then you have to modify an existing Plugin for your own special needs. But you still get a message if an update exists for the original Plugin. If you modified the Plugin several month ago and you forgot about it, so you update the Plugin and all your modifications are gone. Most of the time you have a backup, but even though it's annoying to upload the customized Plugin again after you realized the original Plugin is not exactly what you want. Therefore you can paste a little function in the specified Plugin to display a warning right after the update message. So you won't forget, that you modified this Plugin a while ago.


function my_update_notice() {
	$info = __( 'ATTENTION! Plugin was modified.', MY_TEXTDOMAIN );
	echo '<span class="spam">' . strip_tags( $info, '<br><a><b><i><span>' ) . '</span>';

if ( is_admin() )
	add_action( 'in_plugin_update_message-' . plugin_basename(__FILE__), 'my_update_notice' );

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It's not easy to keep your readers on your website. It's a challenge to provide new readers valid information, even though they were written a while ago but still up to date. A good idea is to provide posts from the same category as the post, the reader is reading currently. You can create a little function, which is listing related posts based on the category ID.
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