Bye Bye my-hacks.php?

Soon the new 2.8 version of WordPress will be released, but the hype is not as much as it was some years ago, when version 2.0 was released for example.

But the new version brings many new things, fixes a large number of problems and WordPress is in my view, more open than in the prior versions. One of the points that users should be aware of is the fact that the option for the support of the my-hacks.php removed. 2003 this file was announced as a feature, and now it's going to be removed silently. WordPress has a sophisticated interface system, you can start at various points and bring in new functionality, so that the developer team decided that there is no longer need to support this solution. Alternatives and possibilities of further usage will briefly shown here.

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WordPress Plugin-Path

When working on a Plugin I noticed that the path to its files is not always complete, which depends on the WordPress version.
With WordPress Version 2.8 the function plugins_url() extends and it can be incorporate in a much cleaner way, no maintenance of the folder required, where the Plugin is put. An example will illustrate it and possibly will help the one or other author at his work.
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WordPress 2.8 Insights, The Favorite Actions

The new version of WordPress is in the starting blocks and got new features this week which is not immediately noticable, it affects the favorites in the header of your backend.

The favorites are changing from 2.8 in dependence of the page that you are using. I hope the screenshot shows it.

Also the Plugin page was revised. From version 2.8 on, WordPress saves user behaviors and hence you are always in the area that you used the last time - definitely an added value.
This applies also for the comment administration. In addition, the Plugin page has changed completely, so that you get an own summary on various topics.

wpTweety: Twitterwall With #WordPress As Focal Point

wptweetyWith the growing popularity of Twitter, the diversity of applications increases around the popular micro blogging service. wpTweety expands the range of available applications and sees itself as Twitterwall - as virtual bulletin board - for the latest Tweets about WordPress.

wpTweety collects messages about WordPress within Twitter and put them on a website, bundled and free from delay.

Twitterwall for activity around WordPress

wpTweety is simple. Also, the underlying principle and the technology behind it: In certain time intervals, wpTweety checks on the availability of messages with the hash tags #wordpress and #wp. Spam posts get removed, then the cleaned result get cached and be presented in form of a list. New entries expand the list, depending on availability - automatically, without reloading the site.

The proposed solution is a central place to have all tweets about WordPress on one Website. wpTweety highlights the latest entries in color, and allows direct reactions such as retweet and reply to displayed messages.

A pretty useful new Twitter application to tweet the latest news about WordPress or even tweet a job offer for a WordPress project.

What do you think about wpTweety, will you use it in the future as a great resource?

Interview with Michael

BTW, my team mate on WPEngineer, Michael had an interview on the German website "Selbständig im Netz" with some interesting questions about WPEngineer. Unfortunately only in German, but maybe some of our readers can understand! 🙂

Change Admin Pagination on Posts, Pages and Comments

One or the other users in the backend of WordPress find it quite disturbing that not more than 20 articles, pages and comments per page gets listed. Especially if you work with many tables and you have a fast connection, then an increased number of listed articles, pages, comments is useful. How to adapt and with a little CSS getting the best presentation I will show now, here are some tips.
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Disable WordPress Search

Not always is the search in WordPress desired. The one or another application with WordPress doesn't need this feature. Even if it is an added value in my opinion. In some cases, it still shouldn't be displayed and so I have them deactivated with access to two hooks. For now, I can see no other place where you could access it in my applications and it works so smoothly.
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