WordPress Admin UI Ideas

WordPress 2.7 is coming with a new backend design. The UI has on the left side the navigation and quite a lot changes to offer.

Since version 2.5 it's already possible to adjust your backend design to your settings. There are many Plugins already out there, which helps the user to adjust their admin to their needs. But mostly are just for color changing or other minor backend changes instead of improving usability.
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Expand Search Results In WordPress

The search function in WordPress is expandable by many WordPress Plugins. For every desire something. But in this post I like to introduce a little code snippet, which doesn’t give you any of these functionality but shows the user how many posts where found including their search query.

With this little but nice help, it is an additional value for the user, as I think.

How such a result looks like, displays the following screen shot. The code only shows the number of results and can be adjust as you like to of course.
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