iGoogle Gadget for your Blog

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Since my wife uses her own computer and explores all the possibilities, I got a lot questions and found some interesting tools because of her. One of them is iGoogle. Experimenting with it makes every newbie happy and it is very easy to configure.

I came to the idea to offer the blog as a gadget for iGoogle. Everybody who likes to do the same can use this tutorial and doesn't have to work through the Documentation of Google.
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WordPress Admin UI Ideas

WordPress 2.7 is coming with a new backend design. The UI has on the left side the navigation and quite a lot changes to offer.

Since version 2.5 it's already possible to adjust your backend design to your settings. There are many Plugins already out there, which helps the user to adjust their admin to their needs. But mostly are just for color changing or other minor backend changes instead of improving usability.
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